Favorite Things

Food Blogs

Eater – one of the best restaurant and food websites out there, period. Always has hot takes and follows the trends.

Bon Appetit – I subscribe to their printed edition and also read it online and on my iPad. Obsessed. The peeps working at BA rock! And their popular YouTube channel should start winning awards for their content.

Serious Eats – You haven’t lived a worthy life until you’ve started to read Kenji López-Alt’s content. His cookbooks, his videos, his articles. He’s amazing.


All Recipes – One of the biggest food websites on the web, this Pinterest-like recipes database offers a ton of great content and even better recipes, which can be pined, reviewed and where the community can also submit tweaks and advice on how to improve them. I really enjoy it. Their mobile app, known as Dinner Spinner (Android // iOS) is great.

Bring – after testing out dozens and dozens of grocery apps, I have yet to find a better one than Bring. Works on all platforms, is free and works like a charm.

PocketCasts – One of the top podcast apps out there, this has completely changed the way I commute into work. I’m in the car 2+ hours a day and this helps me put up with it. It’s very well layed out and the best part? Compatible with Android Auto.


House of Carbs – Hosted by Joe House and some of staff from The Ringer, this weekly podcasts covers all things pertaining to restaurants and food happening across the US.

How I Built This – This NRP podcast hosted by Guy Raz is incredibly interesting. He hosts innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists and discusses what they’ve built. From large corporations like Pepsi, Dell, Clif Bar, and many other ones. The people’s stories are fascinating.

Recode Decode – Hosted by the famed tech journalist Kara Swisher, she hosts a variety of political, business, and tech leaders and isn’t afraid to ask some really tough questions. Very interesting conversations happen.

Freakonomics Radio – Hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, this interesting and often eclectic podcast follows in the best-selling book’s footsteps and dissects things you probably thought you knew or didn’t know by leveraging data and insights. It’s often random but almost always very interesting.